Criteria for NJARR Certification: Independent Providers 

The New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residences is an association for quality residences. Once you have met all the membership requirements, your residence will be placed on the website and a membership certificate with logo will be issued for you to display proudly. 


Please complete the application below and enter as much information as you are able to supply. You may use our website link for payment via Paypal that also displays the fee information after your submission or you may mail a separate check. Basic payment consists of certified residence fees and inspection fees. Note that you are not a certified residence of NJARR until you have paid both of these fees and passed inspection. 


 Certified Residence Fees

$200 - New Certification

$150 - Existing Certification Renewal 

$200 - Reinstate Certification (If residence certification has been inactive for more than 12 months for any reason, the residence will be considered a new residence and not a reinstated residence. Note that $50 of this is nonrefundable re-enrollment fee.) 

Inspection Fees 

Single Family Residences                                                       Multi-Family Residences 

$75.00 per location up to 10 beds                                         $75.00 per location (includes first 3 units) 

$25.00 additional over 10 beds                                              $25.00 additional for each group of 3 units or any portion 


If an applicant has single and multi-family properties, then both pricing structures would apply. However, the cap of $600.00 would also apply to all properties. No applicant is required to pay more than a total of $600.00 for inspections. The NJARR Board may elect to instruct the field inspector(s) to randomly audit units rather than inspect every unit. Random audits must comprise of no less than 25% of the total units/homes of the applicant.

Application for NJARR membership & certification please fill out all required fields, please review our levels of support and standards by clicking HERE, prior to starting the application.